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Denovo Kitchens

Located next to a tile shop, this little kitchen showroom in Chester’s looks can be deceiving. There aren’t as many kitchens here as say Kitchens By Barry James, but they sure have some great kitchens (and some even better staff!!)

They’ve got a decent set of modern kitchens that are well worth checking out, along with some shaker kitchens that looked nice.

Their website will give you a good idea as to the kitchens they have on show (check it out here).

If you can get down to Chester, defiantly check these guys out,


Aman Paul

Dont let the looks decieve you! When we first rolled up to Aman Paul I was a little taken back by the buildings appearance but dont let that put you off! They don’t have many kitchens but the ones they have are SUPER! They aren’t focused solely on Kitchens but their kitchen designers sure know their stuff! And they’re more than happy to help.

You can check out their website here, or drop by and visit them at their building in Newcastle upon Tyne.