kitchen design
How many times have you visited a kitchen showroom only to find that there are about 3 exhibition kitchens on show?

Good Kitchen Showrooms aren’t easy to find. When you do find them, there often isn’t much on show (and when there is, they often aren’t all that great either!)

Because of this I’ve decided to put together a guide to the best showrooms I have visited when I was looking for my kitchen.

Now when I say the best showrooms, I’m judging them based on two main things:

  1. Variety
  2. Kitchen Designers

Kitchen Variety

How many kitchens are there on show? If there are any less than 3 styles its hardy worth your time traveling down.

My wife and I traveled all over the country looking for good kitchen showrooms and there was a lot of time wasted in these lacking showrooms.

Kitchen Designers

What’s the point of going to a showroom if the designers don’t really know their trade (a more common problem than you would imagine!)

So take a look at the different posts containing the better showrooms we visited & let me know if you have any you’d recommend adding by clicking here.

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